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Divine Feminine Revolution with Dr. Megan Monday

Aug 3, 2021

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Mother of three, Michelle Drury is a holisitic lifestyle and personal empowerment coach as well as the baker and owner of Michi's Munchies.

After her second child, Michelle became ill and her acupuncturist suggested removing gluten from her diet. She felt a difference within two weeks.

She says, "So many answers I came to learn, and understand, about my self and my body through this time. At one point, I decided to go all the way. I gave up dairy, corn, wheat, soy, sugar, processed foods and some other items as well for just about a year. Most of which I eat now sparingly without any issues.

However, when I first found out I could feel better by elimination, I delved really deep, (and then deeper) into the context of the body to understand how foods and lifestyle impact the day-to-day and long-term implications of one’s health.

This is where my journey really began - of learning and experimenting with elimination dieting, rehabilitating the gut, the balance of microflora in the body, and optimal health practices.

In my quest for optimal health I also acquired so much additional information about disease, allergies, healing the human body/spirit/emotions/mind that optimal health and lifestyle became my passion; integrating all the facets of oneself in consideration of your whole body and all that you are.

At Michi’s Munchies, I truly aspire to create delicious treats that nourish the soul, serve the healing and health journeys of others, and offer inspiration, resources and products that support miraculous change in others' lives.

My mission is to create no-wheat treats (and products) that are enjoyed as much in taste and texture as those with wheat and to allow homes with wheat-free members to gather around the same table, enjoying the same meal with everyone together."

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