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Divine Feminine Revolution with Dr. Megan Monday

Jan 17, 2022

Welcome to the Divine Feminine Revolution Podcast!


Ready to assess your wealth?


You get to increase your wealth!


Laura Fowler is the creator of The Embodied Millionaire, a free space where pieces of her work around WEALTH and her JOURNEY to financial independence, true love and deep healing are shared.


She says, "I believe in helping every day people create amazing lives.


I believe that Wealth and Pleasure for Women in particular is a revolutionary in the making.
I focus mainly on women, but welcome all.
I want you to create a life where you feel aligned, intimate and abundant in your bank accounts AND even more importantly in your business, your relationships and your soul.
To me true wealth intertwines with pleasure and starts by transcending our old stories.
Come and share. Ask questions. Celebrate.
You deserve to live a life you WILDLY love, to create beautiful impact & to have a business and the wealth to support it all.
Your Wealthiest Life is waiting."


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