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Divine Feminine Revolution with Dr. Megan Monday

Oct 18, 2021

Welcome to the Divine Feminine Revolution Podcast!


Ready to wake up to your new purpose?


You get to release your fears!


Crystal Taylor deems herself a High Priestess and is the creator of The Quantum Priestess Realm.


Crystal specializes in working with Consciousness.


She does this in Quantum Trance, #QTbyC, which allows her clients to hear their own Soul speak. This allows individuals to receive healing and get answers about their life.


She is a Draconian Starseed who works in other Realms and Dimensions to assist the Ascension process on Earth. 


The goal of Crystal's work is to help people find their inner power and expand their consciousness to live from their highest potential and help others. 


She has performed groundbreaking work with Quantum Trance where individuals have successfully channeled other Spirits to receive information about changes happening on Earth.


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